What Are the Benefits of Having a Cat Tree in Cincinnati, OH?

cat tree cincinnati ohCats are adorable and high-energy pets with needs. It is important to properly take care of, listen to, and monitor your cat. Although most people think that dogs are the only pets that require exercise and playtime, this is not the case. Cats have just about as much energy as dogs do. They are excited, energetic, and ready to run, jump, and play!

Sadly though, there are not a lot of choices or opportunities for playtime. This is why cat trees and similar structures are so important for the health and well-being of cats. Read through our Cincinnati, OH, animal hospital’s article to learn more. 

What are Cat Trees?

Cat trees are cat climbing structures that are often made with wood, cardboard, and some type of string. They can be small, very tall, elaborate, and simple. Some creative people have even made their own versions by hand that looks breathtaking and are a lot of fun for cats!

Cat trees often have toys dangling from platforms. The higher a platform is, the more stability and security a cat feels. 

7 Benefits of Having a Cat Tree

Listed below are seven general benefits of having a cat tree:

Sense of Security

Cats like high places. Have you ever wondered why your feline friend jumps on tables and ledges? This is because they like to feel in control, and that comes with seeing everything. Most cats are small and don’t grow much taller than a foot off the ground, which means they have a lot of blind spots. This sense of security is calming.

Cat Naps

Cats certainly love their naps! Having a cat tower or cat tree means multiple platforms made with comfortable materials. Your cat will love to take naps throughout the platforms, enjoying the lush material and the feeling of security.

Scratch Post for Nails

Most cat towers and cat trees also have areas and specific rope or twine that cats can use to sharpen down their nails. This is beneficial not only for your cat, but also for you! This way, you provide them with something to scratch, which puts them at ease while also discouraging them from scratching and pawing at furniture and other valuable things in your home.


There are a lot of exercises your cat can play on a cat tree or tower. Since they have to climb and jump to the top, this stretches their leg muscles and helps keeps them in top shape.

Safe Grooming

This benefit goes hand in hand with having a cat tower or cat tree where your cat can sharpen their claws. This is a part of grooming that is necessary. When a cat’s nails are too sharp, though, this can cause their claws to get trapped in different fabrics and materials. 

High Up for Food

Do you also have a dog or other pet that tries to steal and eat your cat’s food? This does not need to be a problem, especially if you separate the food. Instead of placing your cat’s food on the bottom of the tower or on the floor, you can raise it to the top platform. Depending on the cat tree structure, this can be as high up as 10 feet.

Safe Space/Overall Happiness

Cat trees also act as a safe space and provides your cat with overall happiness. They are comfortable and hold a lot of functions. Not only are they beds for your cat to nap on, but these trees also help your cat groom themselves and live an active and playful lifestyle.

How to Build Your Own Cat Tree Safely

Want to build your own cat tree or tower safely? There are two main options. First, you can purchase one with instructions online or in stores. This is the easiest option and comes with warranties. Although this is the case, they are not unique, and some of them are cheaply made.

If you want to make and design your own cat tree, you will have to start by researching the structure and strong materials that are lightweight enough to move around. We have seen some amazing designs using hardwood as well as cardboard that almost act as wood.

By designing your own version of a cat tree, your cat can have a personalized tree. You can place various textures and toys for them to feel and play with, encouraging overall positive health.

Cat Trees in Cincinnati, OH, Do Have Many Benefits

To conclude, cat towers and trees have an amazing purpose and many benefits in Cincinnati, OH. Although they can be pricey to purchase, it is important to realize that a high-quality cat tower or tree can last you years. This is not something disposable that will break down after a few months of use. 

It is important to encourage your cat to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This way, there are fewer chances of diseases like diabetes, arthritis, cancers, and more! Cat trees can be a solution to this problem as they encourage eating, play, grooming, and happiness.

If you have any questions in regards to cat trees, or which cat tree would be best for your feline, reach out to our animal hospital in Cincinnati, OH, at (513) 531-7117