Senior Pet Care in Cincinnati, OH

As our beloved dogs and cats grow older, what they’ll need to stay happy and healthy will change. Like us, our pets will be more likely to develop certain age-related issues, such as vision loss, hearing loss, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. To keep harmful diseases at bay and manage existing conditions as much as possible, it’s important that you continue to bring in your pet for routine checkups. Senior pet care focuses on improving quality of life and managing the symptoms of chronic problems such as arthritis, heart failure, diabetes, and kidney disease.

Senior pets need to see their vet a little more frequently than younger, healthier pets. Call (513) 531-7117 to schedule an appointment!

an older dog outside on a sunny day

The Key to a Healthy, Happy Life for Senior Pets

Receiving routine checkups, vaccinations, blood tests, and parasite prevention will go a long way towards helping your pet enjoy life during their golden years. Starting them off on the right paw when they’re young and maintaining their health throughout their adult years is critical.

For individualized senior pet care that addresses your companion’s unique needs, call Carey Animal Hospital at (513) 531-7117 today.