Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning in Cincinnati, OH

Do you brush your teeth daily and visit your dentist annually for a deep down clean? Did you know that pets benefit similarly to dental care and it can preserve their pearly canines well into their golden years? While pets do not typically develop cavities like we do, they can experience the degenerative effects of gum disease. In fact, many pets are already showing the signs of gum disease by three years old. If the condition is left to progress, it can cause tooth and jawbone loss among putting them at risk of organ infection. Luckily, a solid at-home care plan and routine cat & dog teeth cleaning from our Cincinnati veterinarian can entirely prevent gum disease. Call us at (513) 531-7117 to make an appointment.

a dog smiling and showing his white teeth

When Your Pet Might Need to Be Seen Right Away

Due to natural instinct, pets are expert at hiding pain and illness. Though behavioral changes in your pet may be subtle, there are some signs you can stay aware of as a loving pet owner. As gum disease progresses, harmful bacteria attacks the entire surrounding structure of teeth, including tissue, making the condition painful but also one that can make your pet very ill. The signs of gum disease include:

a cat brushing their teeth with a yellow toothbrush
  • Frequent drooling and excessive saliva
  • Gums that are bright red
  • Missing, loose, or broken teeth
  • Yellow or brown teeth
  • Putrid breath
  • Swelling around the mouth
  • Pawing or rubbing their mouth
  • Problems chewing including dropping food