spay and neuter in cincinnati, oh

Spay and Neuter in Cincinnati, OH

We recommended spay and neuter surgery for a large number of our patients at our Cincinnati animal hospital. Unfortunately, there are more adoptable pets in shelters than there are families for them. Responsibly spaying or neutering your pet makes a big impact on controlling pet overpopulation. Unless you are a breeder or have a strong interest in breeding your pet, you'll likely be interested in spay and neuter surgeries too. After all, the procedure prevents unplanned pet pregnancies and controls some of the unruly behaviors intact pets may partake in. Moreover, if you have your male pet neutered and your female pet spayed by a certain age, medical and behavioral benefits are more likely to take full effect. Call us at (513) 531-7117 for more information or make an appointment today.

What About When?

In addition to a thorough exam and preventive services including vaccinations, a wellness plan visit is an opportunity to discuss when your pet should be spayed or neutered. While many pets can be spayed or neutered at around six months of age, your pet's lifestyle, breed, and health status play a role. Therefore, we may advise individual patients be spayed or neutered at varying ages. For instance, outdoor cats may benefit from spay or neuter surgery as young as four months old while large dog breeds may benefit from waiting for the surgery until after a year old. We're happy to guide you on all aspects of your pet's health. Call us today at (513) 531-7117.