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Why Cats Spray and How to Stop this Behavior

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we tackle a topic many cat owners have questions about: cat spraying. Understanding why cats spray and what can be done to stop this behavior is key to maintaining a happy and stress-free home for both you and your pet. If you’re facing challenges with cat spraying, Carey…

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dog sweating

Do Dogs Sweat? How Your Pet Stays Cool

When the temperature rises or after a fun session of play, you might notice your dog panting heavily. But have you ever wondered how dogs manage to stay cool? Unlike humans, dogs have a unique way of regulating their body temperature. In this blog, we’ll explore the fascinating world of dog sweating, debunk common myths,…

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dehydrated dog

Dog Dehydration: Signs, Causes, Treatments, and How To Protect Your Pet

When we think about keeping our dogs healthy, we often focus on their diet, exercise, and affection. But there’s one aspect that can easily be overlooked: hydration. Keeping your dog properly hydrated is more important than you might think. Dog dehydration can lead to serious health issues, affecting their kidneys, heart, and energy levels. In…

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dog coughing

Reasons for Your Dog’s Coughing and When to Call the Vet

When our dogs start coughing, it can be concerning and sometimes hard to figure out what’s causing it. In today’s blog, we’re going to explore the various reasons why dogs cough and how to know when it’s time to call the vet. If you’re worried about your dog’s cough or just want more information, our…

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dog with after getting their teeth cleaned

7 Benefits of Dog Teeth Cleaning and the Difference it Makes for Your Pet

Taking good care of your dog’s teeth is more than just fighting bad breath. In this blog, we’re diving into the topic of dog teeth cleaning and the overwhelmingly positive impact it can have on your pet’s health. From preventing dental diseases to enhancing their overall quality of life, we’ll cover everything you need to…

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dog with canine respiratory virus

Canine Respiratory Virus: What it is, Signs to Watch for and How to Protect Your Pet

Welcome to our blog post on a topic that’s been on the minds of many pet owners recently: the canine respiratory virus. This virus has caught lots of attention due to its impact on dogs, leading to concerns and questions from pet lovers. Here, we’ll explore what this virus is, signs to look out for…

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feline leukemia cincinnati, oh

How to Prevent Feline Leukemia in Your Cat

As a cat owner, you’ve probably heard of feline leukemia. But do you know what causes it and how to protect your cat from infection? Understanding and preventing diseases like feline leukemia is key to ensuring a long, healthy life for your feline family member. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss what feline leukemia is, its…

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pet adoption cincinnati, oh

Pet Adoption Checklist: Are You Ready for Your New Pet?

Are you thinking about welcoming a new pet into your home? Adopting a pet is a big decision and comes with a lot of responsibilities. In this blog, we’ll guide you through some of the most important things you need to know before bringing a new furry companion into your life. From preparing your home…

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dog diarrhea cincinnati, oh

6 Primary Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

Diarrhea in dogs is a common issue that pet owners face, and understanding its various causes is key to ensuring your dog’s health and happiness. In this blog, we’ll explore the different reasons why dogs may experience diarrhea, the health risks associated with it, and when it’s time to seek veterinary care. Remember, if you…

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pet hair removers cincinnati, oh

Top 5 Pet Hair Removers

All the hair your pet sheds is worth the snuggles, kisses, tail wags, and purrs. Still, that hair can be a nuisance when it covers your clothes, sheets, pillowcases, and furniture! At Carey Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, we’ve browsed the web to look for some of the best (and most affordable) pet hair removers…

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