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a cat limping while walking outside

My Cat is Limping. What Should I Do?

The first signs of your cat limping may evoke panic and fear. However, it’s essential to remember that limping, also known as lameness, is a symptom rather than a disease itself. Limping is an indicator of pain or discomfort and is often the result of an injury, an illness, or even a structural defect. A…

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two dogs playing with an orange ball in a dog park

Top 14 Dog Parks In Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you visiting Cincinnati, OH, for the first time and bringing your dog? Are you new to the area and have a dog? Maybe you are a local but want to try somewhere new. Whether you are local, new to the area, or just visiting, take a look at some of the best places to…

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a cat with ringworm on their face

7 Signs of Ringworm in Cats in Cincinnati, OH

Could your cat have ringworm? Find out more about ringworm and the 7 key signs of ringworm by reading our Cincinnati, OH, animal hospital‘s article below. What Is Ringworm? Despite the name, ringworm is in fact a fungal skin condition. The name “ringworm” comes from the fact that the infection creates circular lesions that appear…

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a tick embedded inside a pet's fur

Why Your Dog Should Receive the Lyme Vaccination in Cincinnati, OH

With everything that is going on in the world today, you might not be surprised to learn that there are different points of view regarding vaccines and pets. In our Cincinnati, OH, animal hospital‘s article, you will learn why it is important to get the Lyme vaccination for your dog. What Is the Lyme Vaccination?…

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a cat and dog laying by each other on a bed

Should I Get Insurance For My Pet in Cincinnati, OH?

If you have a pet, you have probably heard of pet insurance. Have you ever wondered if you needed it? Just like humans, pets get sick, and vet visits can be expensive. Maybe you can afford those vet bills, or perhaps you cannot. Reach our Cincinnati, OH, animal hospital‘s article to find out more about…

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a cat laying on a cat tree

What Cats Are Hypoallergenic in Cincinnati, OH?

Do you love cats, but can’t have one because you’re allergic to them? Many people feel the same way. Thankfully, there are several breeds of hypoallergenic cats which create either very low dander or none at all, and these breeds are perfect for cat lovers with allergies. Read our Cincinnati, OH, animal hospital‘s article to…

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a dog drinking water from a person's hand

6 Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs in Cincinnati, OH

Heat stroke is a serious condition. Dogs can develop heat stroke in a variety of different ways, but it usually occurs because of too much heat. Dogs love to play and it is good to give them space to do so, but do not take them outside during the hot summers. Temperatures above 85° F…

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a dog laying in a dog bed

The Best Dog Beds Based on Dog Breed in Cincinnati, OH

Dog beds should be comfortable and easy to clean and store. These are great accessories to invest in. Once you buy your dog a dog bed, you won’t want to go back. Not only does buying a dog bed for your loving pup discourage them from climbing onto furniture, but each bed serves its own…

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a cat sitting on a cat tree

What Are the Benefits of Having a Cat Tree in Cincinnati, OH?

Cats are adorable and high-energy pets with needs. It is important to properly take care of, listen to, and monitor your cat. Although most people think that dogs are the only pets that require exercise and playtime, this is not the case. Cats have just about as much energy as dogs do. They are excited,…

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a cat drinking from a cat water fountain

Should I Get My Cat a Water Fountain in Cincinnati, OH?

Our cats are the awesome independent fur babies in our lives. They love when we are home to give them belly rubs and soft cheek exchanges. They don’t mind when we are gone a bit longer as long as they don’t run out of fresh water. While water fountains have been around since the 1900s,…

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