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Can Cats See in the Dark in Cincinnati, OH?

As a cat owner, you may find yourself wondering if your cat can see in the dark. You might have even heard that cats are capable of seeing much better in the dark than humans or even better than other animals. But how much of this is true? Can your cat really see in the…

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cat hairballs in cincinnati, oh

Are Cat Hairballs Something to Worry About?

If you have a cat, you probably notice their hairballs now and then. It’s hard to miss them; cats gag and cough until they are able to cough up a hairball, which usually looks unpleasant and can smell strongly in some cases, too. These hairballs are a normal part of cat behavior, but are they…

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dog separation anxiety in cincinnati, oh

How To Manage Dog Separation Anxiety in Cincinnati, OH

If you have a dog who has bad separation anxiety, you probably already know just how hard this can be to deal with. Some dogs have anxiety so bad that they can’t be left alone at all without destroying something or making noise the whole time, which can be very difficult for their families. In…

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