Top 14 Dog Parks In Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you visiting Cincinnati, OH, for the first time and bringing your dog? Are you new to the area and have a dog? Maybe you are a local but want to try somewhere new.

Whether you are local, new to the area, or just visiting, take a look at some of the best places to enjoy a day with your dog. If you are looking for somewhere to take your dogs, check out our animal hospital‘s list of the 14 of the best Cincinnati dog parks.

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Top 14 Dog Parks in Cincinnati, Ohio

These 14 dog parks cover a range of areas. Most are free and open from dawn to dusk. Whether you are looking for a small neighborhood park or a large city park, you’ll find something wonderful on this list.

1. David J. Stricker Dog Park

The David J. Stricker Dog Park was named in memory of a local vet. This one-acre dog park is located in the Batavia Township Community Park. In the dog park, dogs can run and play off-leash. Outside of the dog park, the larger park has many trails for you to enjoy with your dog on-leash.

2. Doris Day Dog Park

The Doris Day Dog Park is located in Mt. Airy Forest. The dog park is named after a famous Cincinnati-born actress and singer. This two-acre off-leash dog park is full of fun equipment to entertain your dog. Mt. Airy Forest also has plenty of trails and paths to explore with your dog on-leash.

3. Fido Field

Fido Field is a downtown Cincinnati dog park located near the Central Business District. This off-leash dog park is run completely by volunteers. The park has separate play areas for both small dogs and large dogs.

4. Fort Thomas Dog Park

The Fort Thomas Dog Park is located across the river in Kentucky. This dog park has separate fenced-in areas for small dogs and large dogs. You can also enjoy a nice on-leash stroll in the Highland Hills Park that is home to this dog park.

5. Hamilton Bark Park

The Hamilton Bark Park is located in Veterans Park in Hamilton, north of Cincinnati. This dog park may be small, but it still has plenty of room for your dogs to play and socialize. There are benches for resting and a dog sculpture for photos.

6. Kellogg Park Dog Field

The Kellogg Park Dog Field is a four-acre park with a mural created by ArtWorks Artists. The park is located on the east side of Cincinnati, along the Ohio River. There is even a water fountain for dogs.

7. Newport Dog Park

The Newport Dog Park is one of the newer parks in the area. It closed in 2020 and moved to its new and improved location. This dog park has a separate fenced area for smaller dogs. The new location is near the Newport Branch of the Campbell County Public Library.

8. Otto Armleder Dog Park

The Otto Armleder Dog Park is one of the larger dog parks in the area. This ten-acre dog park has separate areas for smaller dogs and larger dogs. There are also drinking fountains and even a dog shower. You will find plenty of trees for shade and benches to sit on while your dog plays.

9. Red Dog Park

The Red Dog Park is a members-only option that is run and owned by the Red Dog Pet Resort and Spa. This three-acre dog park has separate areas for larger and smaller dogs. There is plenty of play equipment and water fountains for everyone. You can also rent the dog park for a private party.

10. Schappacher Dog Park

The Schappacher Dog Park has more than 38,000 square feet of space for your dogs to run and play. This dog park is located in Schappacher Park in Mason, northeast of Cincinnati. The park may not look like much, but it offers space for your pups and benches and tables for you.

11. Simmonds Family Dog Park

The Simmonds Family Dog Park is another one of the biggest dog parks in the area and is located in Cleve. This dog park offers 11 acres of space for dogs to play and socialize. The park has four separate play fields and plenty of agility equipment.

12. Summit Park Dog Park

The Summit Park Dog Park is located in Blue Ash. This dog park has plenty of room for your furry friends. You can also walk the trails of Summit Park with your dog on-leash. This park is great for families because there are two playgrounds.

13. Washington Park Dog Park

The Washington Park Dog Park is located in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. This popular dog park offers 12,000 square feet of space for dogs to play. There is a creek, a dog water fountain, and plenty of boulders for dogs to climb and jump.

14. Wiggly Field Dog Park

The Wiggly Field Dog Park is located in Mason inside the Voice of America MetroPark. This dog park has two areas, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. There are water fountains and water bowls to keep people and dogs hydrated.

Other Great Outdoors Areas to Take Your Dog

Here are a few extra places to take your dog for some on-leash fun.

1. Redbird Hollow Trail

This three-mile trail is located in the Indian Hill neighborhood. This is a great spot for nature lovers.

2. Mt Airy Forest

This park offers almost 1500 acres of space that is filled with trails to explore with your dog. They have both paved and unpaved trails.

3. Bender Mountain Loop Trail

This trail is located in the Bender Mountain Nature Preserve. This trail is just over 2.3 miles. There are plenty of other trails as well in the Nature Preserve.

4. French Park

French Park is located in Amberley Village. This park is also a historic estate with plenty of space to explore with your dogs.

5. Ault Forest Loop Trail

This trail is located in Ault Park. The trail is 1.3 miles long and an easy trek. There are a number of other small trails connected to this one.

6. Ohio River Trail

The Ohio River Trail goes along the Ohio River straight through Cincinnati. The trail is a total of 23 miles. However, you can choose any part of it to walk with your dog.

7. Garden Loop and Wetland Loop Trails

These two trails are just some of many available in Glenwood Gardens, a park in Woodlawn.

8. California Woods Trail

This trail is located in the California Woods Nature Preserve. It is one of many available within the Preserve.

9. Trout Lily Trail

This trail is located in the Withrow Nature Preserve. The trail is 1.7 miles in length.

10. Caldwell Nature Preserve Trail

This trail is located in the Caldwell Nature Center. The trail is less than a mile long and is only one of the trails available.

Ask Our Cincinnati, OH, Animal Hospital for More About Nearby Dog Parks

Whether you are looking for some off-leash fun at a dog park or some on-leash fun at a local trail, hopefully you now have plenty of places to try. May you and your furry companion find many favorites as you explore.

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