6 Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs in Cincinnati, OH

Heat stroke is a serious condition. Dogs can develop heat stroke in a variety of different ways, but it usually occurs because of too much heat. Dogs love to play and it is good to give them space to do so, but do not take them outside during the hot summers.

Temperatures above 85° F can be extremely dangerous for dogs especially when they are not used to the hot temperatures. Keep on reading our Cincinnati, OH, animal hospital‘s article to discover the six signs of heat stroke in dogs and how to prevent heat stroke.

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What is Heat Stroke?

While heat stroke is dangerous, the concern is what heat stroke leads to. Before we understand the dangers of heat stroke in dogs, we should know what heat stroke is. Heat stroke is when a dog suffers a stroke because of high temperatures. The internal temperature of the dog increases too much too quickly, which can be due to hot temperatures, direct sunlight, or fevers that do not break.

The Dangers of Heat Stroke in Dogs

Heat stroke is extremely dangerous because it can lead to other conditions which can be fatal if you are not careful enough. One danger, for example, is direct sunlight leading to seizures. These unexplained seizures can be deadly especially because they are hard to control.

The most dangerous is dehydration. Dehydration can cause your dog’s body to shut down. Before heat stroke leads to other conditions, it is good to understand the top six signs that your dog may have a heat stroke.

6 Signs Your Dog May Have Heat Stroke in Cincinnati, OH

Listed below are six signs your dog may have heat stroke in Cincinnati, OH:

Red Gums

The first obvious sign that your dog is dealing with heat stroke is if they have red gums. When a dog suffers from heat stroke, their gums turn red because of an increase in blood flow. Red gums can also be a sign that your dog has dental problems, but if they are also overheating and feel warm to the touch, it is likely because of heat stroke.

Excessive Drooling

When a dog excessively drools it is because they are not hydrated enough and are losing fluids quickly. If you are worried about their excessive drooling, check to see if their body is overheating and they’re suffering from any other symptoms. Excessive drooling, for example, followed by sleepiness can be a sign they are severely dehydrated.


Dogs sleep a lot, but over exhaustion is a problem. If your dog is suddenly super tired from playing outside and does not want to get up and is panting, it could be a sign they are overheating. It is okay to rest, but if they are unable to get up or they are unresponsive, you should immediately consult with your veterinarian.

High Body Temperature

The number one sign your dog is suffering from a heat stroke or over heating is if their body temperature is extremely high. You do not need to use a thermometer to figure out their exact temperature but you can if you have one available.

If your dog feels very hot to the touch it is likely they are suffering from heat stroke. If your dog does not cool down within a few minutes, you should immediately take them to the vet or attempt to cool them down with wet rags.


Vomiting is a symptom that is connected with exhaustion as well as dehydration. It is extremely worrisome if your dog’s body temperature is super high and they are also vomiting. When your dog vomits, they lose a lot of fluids that are important to keeping their organs functioning and their bodies cool. Throwing up once, however, is not a sign of concern but if it occurs more than once within 10 minutes it could be that they are overheating.

Uncoordinated and Awkward Movements

Last, but not least, another sign is uncoordinated and awkward movements. If suddenly your dog cannot walk around normally and as they do on a regular day, this is a sign that something is wrong.

Keep in mind that while these are the top six signs the dog is suffering from a heat stroke it does not mean there aren’t others. Just because your dog is vomiting or has uncoordinated and awkward movements, does not immediately mean they are suffering from a heat stroke.

How to Treat Heat Stroke

Regulating your dog’s high body temperature should be your number one concern. Keep your dog hydrated until you can get them to a vet but do so as fast as possible. Heat stroke can be deadly and is nothing to play around with.

Treating heat stroke includes cooling the body, without using excessive ice and cold temperatures. However, your vet can use different solutions that are more appropriate.

Reach Out to Our Cincinnati, OH, Animal Hospital Immediately if You Suspect Your Dog Has Heat Stroke

Overall, heat stroke is not something to play with. If you believe your dog is suffering from a heat stroke, you should immediately take them to your event. A heat stroke can easily turn into seizures leading to death or injuries.

Please reach out to our Cincinnati, OH, animal hospital immediately during our regular business hours if you suspect your dog is suffering from heat stroke.