What Cats Are Hypoallergenic in Cincinnati, OH?

Do you love cats, but can’t have one because you’re allergic to them? Many people feel the same way. Thankfully, there are several breeds of hypoallergenic cats which create either very low dander or none at all, and these breeds are perfect for cat lovers with allergies.

Read our Cincinnati, OH, animal hospital‘s article to find out the kinds of hypoallergenic cat breeds that are out there. 

The Best Breeds for People with Allergies

In the article below, you’ll find a list of some of the best breeds of hypoallergenic cats to check out. If you love having a cat in your home but can’t stand the dander, these breeds are a great place for you to get started. Read on to find out more!

hypoallergenic cats cincinnati oh


The Sphynx cat is probably the most widely recognized breed for allergy sufferers. This cat, which has no hair at all on its body, is considered completely dander-free. In other words, if you own a hairless cat, you never have to worry about allergies even if you are very severely allergic to most cats.

The Sphynx cat may be a pale beige color, black, or light gray. Keep in mind that, although Sphynx cats are great for allergies, they do require a lot more care and attention than cats with hair, and they may have more medical issues as well.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a unique breed that looks a bit like a hairless cat with just a tiny amount of fur. This is because the Devon Rex actually only has the bottom layer of hair that is usually found in cats, while most breeds have three total layers. This bottom layer is soft and short, which means it does not produce much dander at all.

Devon Rex cats have a somewhat odd appearance because they don’t have much fur covering their bodies. However, they are beautiful cats who can be very loving and loyal. They usually come in gray or black and often have tabby stripes.

cornish rexCornish Rex

A Cornish Rex is much like a Devon Rex, in that it only has the bottom layer of fur usually found on a cat with hair. However, the Cornish Rex has a little bit more of this fur than the Devon Rex, so it may look less like a hairless cat to some.

These cats usually come in tabby stripes and in shades of gray, brown, or off-white. However, you may find Cornish Rex cats in other colors as well. They are considered low-dander cats, but because they do have some hair, they are not dander-free.


Siberian cats have long, fluffy fur and a thick coat, so it may be surprising to find out that they actually produce very little dander. Despite having lots of fur, they are still considered low-allergy cats, although they are not completely dander-free.

These cats are usually small but stocky with a powerful build. They tend to be gray or brown with black or darker gray tabby stripes, although their markings may vary slightly from cat to cat. They are excellent choices for cooler climates thanks to their thick coats.


These unique cats are beautiful with stunning off-white coats. They often have brown or blonde accents around the face, tail, and ears, which makes them bear a slight resemblance to a Siamese cat without the dander. These are regal cats with a lot of poise.

Balinese cats have very low dander, but they do produce some. They also have long hair, so if you are bothered by too much cat hair around your home, they may not be right for you. But if you’re looking for a stunning longhaired option to help with your allergies, Balinese may be the way to go.

russian blueRussian Blue

Russian Blues are yet another breed of cat that produces low dander. They have fairly thick fur, although not as thick as a Siberian’s, and the length of their coats is considered shorthair. Despite having fur, they are low-allergy cats, but they are not allergy-free cats, so keep this in mind.

Russian Blue cats all come in a stunning silver-gray color that looks like it almost has a blue or purple tint. They usually have bright, bold eyes that stand out against their fur color as well. These are beautiful cats with plenty of personality and are sure to make an excellent family pet.

Call Our Cincinnati, OH, Animal Hospital If You Need More Info About Hypoallergenic Cats

You have several options when you want to adopt a hypoallergenic cat. Whether you’re looking for a hairless breed or just a low-dander option, you can easily find a cat you’re sure to love by choosing one from our list of recommended breeds.

If you have any further questions, be sure to reach out to local cat hobbyist groups or breeders in your area. They may be able to help you locate the perfect cat for your specific allergy requirements and ensure you and your pet are the right fit for each other as well.

And if you have any specific health questions, or if it’s time to schedule your hypoallergenic cat’s regular exam, reach out to our animal hospital in Cincinnati, OH, by calling (513) 531-7117